DeFi NFTs that earn Interest!


DeFi + NFTs

Mint and Charge your NFTs. Program interest. You’re in CHARGE.

MainNet Launching Soon

Charged Particles Protocol.

A new asset class emerges. Interest-bearing assets - with a scarce NFT attached. You’re in control of what happens to the interest.

01 Intrinsic Value

  • Fuse interest-bearing assets, like aDAI, with your scarce NFT

02 Programmable Interest

  • Your Charged Particle’s interest can be directed wherever you’d like.

03 Programmable Charge

  • Your Charged Particle’s accrued interest, or "Charge", can be discharged.

04 Unlimited Possibilities

  • NFT Agnostic. Charge up your sword, art / collectible, or parcel of virtual real estate.

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Do More with your NFTs

Mint NFT, Charge NFT, Program interest = Charged Particles.

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